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XeraTech Robotics is a Canada-based company that focuses on delivering robotics solutions for the golf industry. Our team members are avid golfers and experts in electrical and mechanical design.


We launched our first commercial robot, RoboPick, in early 2022. This robot adapted with existing golf driving range picker equipment and autonomously collected range balls to improve the operational efficiency of the driving range. Offering consistent performance and a simple user interface in a small and elegant full metal body, the range robot often becomes the centerpiece of the driving range.

Our team continues to assess our robot's performance on different ranges, gathering feedback and suggestions to make substantial improvements to the design. The latest 2023 model uses our full size inline picker, featuring multiple joints that navigate demanding terrain. This picker can also be configured in full-auto mode, the first of its kind in the world of robotic golf range pickers. 


RoboPick is the beginning of our company's robotics journey. Stay tuned for new and innovative products designed to upgrade your golfing experience.


Revolutionizing the golf industry and enhancing your game with Robotics and AI

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